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Medical equipment

Fakhoury for hearing aids Fakhoury to the strengthening of hearing is the first center since 1970, specializing in the field of hearing aids devices and services: Planning electronically heard - the speaker selection at reasonable prices - Laboratory of integrated headphones inside Alguenahwalqualb. Our motto: we do not pay a commission for us to send his patient
Shaarani company for trade and medical devices Commerce and medical devices - Equipment ECG produce three-dimensional German manufacturer ENVERDIS. - Links and arterial patches of different species produce French-American company MAQUET. - Qthatr dilating and Qthatr central Singapore production company Dutch BIOSENSORS. - Microscopes different specialties
Sibrh for hearing aids We integrated center and only at the level of the country in terms of providing integrated services for patients with hearing loss through a special section: Diagnostic appropriate for hearing loss through the latest planning system, however, doctors and specialists special section: to tailor programming and audio devices hidden
Baby Rose White Specialized medical industry silicon products ... and Musical Instruments
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