Nasim Alkon company for kids clothes since development is our title ,and globalization is our taeget ,we were in Nasin Alkon took upon ourselves to proceed with ready -made clothes industry in syria to the highest international levels because the duty rnjoins us, as individuals of companies ,to contribut to upgrade the level of clothing industry in Syria for what we own in Nasim Alkon of qualified and trained stuff and the professionalism with designing stuff which provides ahigh level that satisfy all tastes We can say that Nasim Alkon has anew emergence as soon as it has taken adistinct and important position on the map of kids wear in syria in which the company has started its work 15 years ago with simple abilities and asmall production does not exceed 10,000 pieces annually 15 years of hardworking and continuous development enables tje company to be at the head of the companies which product kids wear and tthat enjoins us to move to alareger location .We have opened our new factory in the industrial region (Leramon) Now days , we export for all the Arabic countries like Lebanon , Jordan Palestine ,Iraq ,UAAE, Saudi Arabia , Kuwait, Egyt, Alegira, Tunisia,Morocco,Libya, oman ,and our production exceeds 500.000 pieces . As there no limits for our abilities and our ambition is the globalization , so we have passed to access the European markets through the Russian,Turkish, and Greek gates . we have planned to access most of the European and African countries . We are in Nasin Alkon belive in quality that cannot be parted from distinction and that,s why we put our priorities to main tain the highest levels of quality where our quality team in the company examine all our products which subject to an accurate check with ahigh professionalism to be in your hand with the best conditions
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Phone: 963-21-2635145
Fax: 963-21-2635955
Mobile: 963-944466043
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Person In Charge
mohmad tanari
General Manager
Phone: 963-21-2635145
Mobile: 963-944466043
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