Dacolta company for the manufacture and trade of women's clothing

City: Aleppo
The mark Dacolta means that the product is made of yarn of good to look beautiful and attractive. According to international quality standards. By seeing our products Dacolta you will be desire to acquire because the models Dacolta unlimited design which guarantee you it is the first not only in design but also the level of quality. Twenty years of continuous work continued in various economic fields, coupled with the academic study of scientific and practical cooperation with the expertise of skilled professionals, and hired all of the fashion Dacolta hoping to obtain a voltage of satisfaction and acceptance among our customers. The evolution of fashion in the world, accompanied by similar development in Syria, science, art and taste in models, fabrics, colors, and this is what we have taken into account and comparing the fashion Dacolta their level in neighboring countries show that our prices are the most appropriate and even with our use of the finest raw materials and accessories of modern and this is what made us proud of our products great different kinds of evening dresses and coats in addition to the Tjurat. Dresses that touches mixed with Eastern European taste for beautiful make our products preference, taking into account the taste of each single female interested in elegance.
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Contact Information
Syria, Aleppo, Bagdad Station, Shaikh Taha
Phone: 963-21-4619177
Mobile: 963-944955052
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Abdullah Krish
general manager
Phone: 963-21-4619177
Mobile: 963-944955052
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