The beginning and foundation
The beginning was in the eighties of the last century from the city of Aleppo is a need for this vital service and expanded our services to include the Syrian provinces and neighboring countries.
We have over recent years, the renewal of the ambulance fleet of our company to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of medical equipment, where we got a good reputation in this field and among workers in the medical field in the Patient Transport Service.
Take into account when providing our services all the psychological and physical conditions experienced by the patient or accompanying him.
Also characterized by their high quality services both in terms of equipment, or in terms of the technical team working is also characterized by generally lower prices compared with the active working in the field of patient transport service in Syria and neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.
Principles and objectives
Our principles
We seek through our work in the service of transporting patients to provide social service and humanitarian principles of humanity depends Semitic Semitism away from the greed or exploitation of material need and the circumstances of patients and their companions.
We aim to develop the profession permanently and increase the fleet of cars equipped with the latest equipment, taking into account the global physical factor in all our dealings away from greed and exploitation.
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Contact Information
aleppo city
Phone: 963-94-244110
Mobile: 963-944366677
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Mobile: 963-955688801
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