Foundation launched Shahba Engineering Industries in the space of industrial progress are aware that quality is the biggest factor that ensures the survival of the product and provide him with opportunities for competition and backed by its experience in the industry long-melamine and metal and plastic injection. The company is equipped with a team an awful lot of skilled engineers, designers and technicians to excel in this field and compete in terms of quality performance and price, making it one of the most prominent institutions specialized in manufacturing and trade of spare parts air-conditioners and desert species, and refrigerators, washing machines and the high speeds and energy productivity is high. And commitment to the scientific method has created a special section for the Foundation R & D in order to devise technical solutions to optimize production processes, taking into account the standards of security and safety of the user, to excel and compete with similar products. Also adopted a clear vision of the Foundation has worked to deepen in the hearts of its customers whereby the customer is a partner of the institution and so it was the most important core values ​​that we are committed to after sales service. Foundation has been able to Shahba engineering industries through the adoption of the highest quality and highest standards to enter new markets over the past years in the Middle East and Africa, except for its strong presence in the local market
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ALEPPO,HELOK highway,facing the Water Corporation
Phone: 963-21-4465772
Fax: 963-21-4667994
Mobile: 963-933378112
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Person In Charge
Phone: 963-21-4465772
Mobile: 963-933378112
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