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Restaurants & cafes

candy crash Cafe in the best atmosphere and the most appropriate and the highest for all groups of society
net4speed Net for Speed Internet cafe offers you all the computers and printing services in addition to the online service And it offers you hot and cold drinks
rondo cafe & restaurant
aomran aboaljdy Did you mean: Restaurant and Sweets Abu Capricorn Eastern sweets to eat east and west of brominated and Asia in place and finger Bkajo pistachio and pine Esbaa crystalline nest Pistachio Barazek strange place Ajwa all Mataatmnoh eat rice Corkscrew
Lorka Amazing cafe
amigo cafe https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amigo-Cafe/489151517810868
BAB ALSHAMS Restaurant Four-star restaurant offers Oriental foods and a lot of Western and Russian kitchens We also offer you a range of music and singers distinguished in several languages ​​(English - Spanish - Arabic - Greek) a day at dinner Visit us and welcome
Italian Corner the best restaurant in lattakia
Rawwas seafood Group Commerce and distribution seafood