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    Saudi companies Guide
    Find Saudi is a business directory for industrial, commercial and services providers companies covering all cities and areas of Saudia.
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Daleli Daleli Directory of Saudi companies addresses and numbers.
Marzouq Zeidan Fix all kinds of computers Desktop
Omar Mardini we provide all solutions for basic and advanced Networks , Surveillance Systems , Storage Systems, and Power Systems
ahmad alkassar Trading all laptops
Dimashqe ‫#‏دمشقي‬ موقع للإعلانات المبوبة يتيح لك دمشقي فرصة عرض عقارك للبيع او الايجار مجانا ‫#‏سوريا‬ ‫#‏دمشق‬ ‫#‏حلب‬ ‫#‏حمص‬ ‫#‏اللاذقية‬ www.dimashqe.com
dilana marketing dilana for E-marketing , we send your adv to the largest email list in Syria and Arab countries
Syria Exchange Syria's stock exchange is a site dedicated experts and investors, including Syrians and Arabs that we share our process in the Arab markets and the global and the follow-up and analysis of Syrian stock market, "the Levant market for securities," and study of new companies in the IPO market and the ongoing operations.