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    Find Saudi is a business directory for industrial, commercial and services providers companies covering all cities and areas of Saudia.
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SYT for general services Providing cleaning services including walls,ceilings and chandeliers , Providing qualified givers for people with special needs (children or adults). Providing qualified and trained labor in various profession
SYT for cleaning services and housekeeping SYT for cleaning services and housekeeping - Cleaning services for comprehensive - Secure housekeepers Houses - ladies / men to take care of the elderly, the sick and children - Services to combat and insecticidal
Al-Shufi Investment Company Al-Shufi Investment Company is an international investment firm that invests in people turning visionary ideas into market-leading companies initially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) but now expanding globally.
Honest 4 Recruitment Our service: We provide experienced recruitment from consultants and Managers into the Recruitment, we have the middle / professional and high qualification from candidates for all companies sizes - small and big and independen.
International Bureau of Trade and Services Office provides international trade services and better employment contracts of the masters of doctors and engineers and technicians from all scientific disciplines and professional, in the most prestigious hospitals, companies and institutions in the countries of Persian Gulf.
Sara Services All types of cleaning for homes and businesses and farms and houses of worship Secure hosts and residents Daily Weekly Monthly
Sara Services All cleaning services to homes and businesses and places of worship And secure servers and hostesses for events
Al-Shammari of the recruitment and employment _ Travel & Tourism Our specialty insurance and the provision of appropriate employment opportunities for the scientific staff of the Syrian campaign of scientific and professional certificates to the Gulf States