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City: Aleppo
3roud.com is a website that publishes the best offers and deals provided by the pioneer malls and hypermarkets, brand holders and agents, hotels and restaurants, travel agencies, educational institutes, etc in the Syrian market. Offers and deals are carefully divided and sorted into more than 100 categories and listed in a way that allows users to locate discounts, gifts, special prices, etc they need at any time filtered by category, offer type, city and merchant. 3roud.com provides tools for users to share the offers and deals they like with friends and family using email, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, …), etc which helps providers gain more shoppers. Users can create their 3roud account which allows them to add offers to their favorites list and configure their settings to receive email and SMS alerts about offers. It also allows them to participate in polls, quizzes, special services and events, etc held by 3roud.com. 3roud.com also offers a ‘Buyers Guide’ which has articles promoting tips and advices to shoppers on how to buy various popular products and services.
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Contact Information
Albohtory st., Aljamilia
Phone: 963-21-2219684
Fax: 963-21-2219685
Company Email:
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Person In Charge
Humam Al Husaini
Phone: 963-21-2219684
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